Safety by Design and Safety by V&V for autonomous driving - all in a model-based tool chain

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Ensuring the safety of autonomous driving systems demands meticulous adherence to several standards and methodologies, primarily categorized into Safety by Design and Safety by Validation. This webinar goes into the complexities of autonomous driving system development, proposing a model-based, collaborative, and iterative approach, so that by integrating all safety activities within this framework, organizations can effectively manage the multifaceted challenges inherent in autonomous vehicle development.

Central to this approach is the early integration of model-based simulation and safety analysis, a strategy proven to significantly reduce costs and development time while yielding safety-compliant software generated directly from models. Through a comprehensive exploration of a practical case study involving an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ALKS), attendees will witness firsthand how this workflow can be seamlessly implemented.

Furthermore, the webinar will feature live demonstrations of essential tools such as Ansys System Architecture Modeler, Ansys medini analyze, Ansys AVXcelerate Sensors, Ansys Scade One, and Ansys AVxcelerate Autonomy, showcasing their pivotal roles in streamlining the development process and ensuring the safety and reliability of autonomous driving systems. Join us to gain invaluable insights into the future of autonomous vehicle safety and learn how to navigate the complexities with confidence and precision.


  • Safety of autonomous driving systems means adhering to lots of standards and methods, classified into safety by design and safey by verification & validation
  • The highly interdisciplinary and agile development of such systems can be mastered with a model-based, collaborative and iterative process, integrating all safety activities
  • Integrating model-based simulation and safety analysis from the beginning significantly reduces cost and development time, ending up in safety compliant software generated from models
  • By the example of an ALKS system we demonstrate how this workflow can be put in to practice from A-Z, featuring tool demos of Ansys System Architecture Modeler, Ansys medini analyze, Ansys AVXcelerate Sensors,  Ansys Scade One and Ansys AVXcelerate Autonomy

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Bernhard Kaiser
Principal Safety Consultant, Ansys

Lars Kosman
Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

Joss Petit
Manager Application Engineering, Ansys

Yannick Tiedemann, Stellvertretender Chefredakteur automotiveIT und Automobil Produktion