Scenario-based Risk Analysis: How to quickly compute failure probability in Autonomous Driving


Hinweis: Dieses Webinar findet in englischer Sprache statt.

During the development of the autonomous function (L1 to L5), car manufacturers and suppliers constantly need to evaluate the probability of failure on various scenarios.

But the number of miles to simulate to find the scenarios with possible failure is astronomical! Either the vehicles should be evaluated under many millions of miles of test run or many hours of simulations to find the possible failure scenarios.

In this presentation, we will describe how Ansys solutions enable innovators to quickly compute a probability of failure in a reasonable amount of time versus years of simulation with Monte-Carlo approach. We will illustrate with a critical scenario the value of fast reliability analysis together with accurate physics-based sensor simulation.

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Dr. Joss Petit, Manager Application Engineer, Ansys

Marco Grosse, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys

Roland Niemeier, Senior Business technical manager


Götz Fuchslocher, Redakteur automotive media network