Solving Supply Chain Challenges in Automotive, Transportation and Logistics using Emerging Technologies

Hinweis: Dieses Webinar findet in englischer Sprache statt.

The important events that occurred over the past 2 years including the Covid-19 pandemic, Suez canal blockage, global semiconductor (chips) shortage, and many more such disruptions have resulted in the fragility of global supply chain.

Building supply chain resiliency would require businesses to address the challenges caused by these unplanned disruptions, as well as solve the typical supply chain challenges such as mounting inventory & transportation costs, port congestion & labor shortages, and other critical issues that exist within the supply chain eco system.

In this webinar, Fujitsu team will share their point of view and experiences with helping their clients in the automotive, transportation, and logistics space to build supply chain resiliency by solving specific supply chain issues (use cases) utilizing emerging technologies such as quantum-inspired optimization (digital annealer) and digital twin.

Bio Shan Chidambaram

Head of Data Analytics, AI, and Quantum Inspired Computing, Fujitsu America, Inc.

Shan joined Fujitsu in 2017 to build and lead the data analytics and AI business at Fujitsu America. In his current role as the global head of consulting for Fujitsu’s Mobility DX organization, Shan and his team of industry consultants, data scientists, and solution architects are responsible for delivering new data monetization opportunities, and business optimization solutions for clients by solving complex and intractable business problems utilizing data analytics, AI, and quantum-inspired technology. Shan recently led Fujitsu's social impact initiative of solving problems related to Covid-19 using data analytics and quantum-inspired technology.

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Shan Chidambaram, Head of Consulting – Data Analytics, AI, and Quantum Inspired Computing, Mobility DX,
Fujitsu America, Inc.

Yannick Tiedemann, Stellvertretender Chefredakteur automotiveIT und Automobil Produktion